8 Red Flags of the Worst Dog Trainers and How to Spot Them Instantly!


Your Gut Feeling Warns You About Him/Her


Always go with your first feeling about someone. You may sense something based on their website, company name, how they talk to you etc.


Women are much better than men with their instinct. Basically, if you do NOT get a good vibe from get-go, especially on the phone, in person, or even from their e mail response, look somewhere else.


You don’t always get a weird gut feeling about everything and everyone, but if and when you do, never ignore it. It’s never fun to be stuck with him/her for weeks or even months down the road. By the same token, I’ve met many-


Super Nice Dog Trainers in SoCal Who Came with Laughable Dog Training Skills and Zero Knowledge in Dog Psychology.


Yes, they are everywhere. I am talking about private dog trainers, dog obedience classes or even those who offer dog training boot camps.


They Rely Heavily on Treats for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G


Don’t be one of those who give their dogs treats just for being alive. You will get far more out of the training when you use food when your dog least expects it. Even better-


Surprise Your Pooch with Yummy Treats at the VERY END of Your Training Drill.


That is what smart dog training is all about. Look, if a dog trainer in Los Angeles or not, asks you to starve your dog that day and show up with treats. Sorry, that isn’t healthy nor natural and face it–your dog is NOT listening to YOU. It’s the cut up hot dogs that’s doing the talking.


Chances are you already have been wasting your time with this nonsense (bribery method!) Hey, even kids can do that. Doesn’t take much skill or talent to hold meatballs in front of a dog and give out commands.


Whether you hire me to come to you or choose to leave your dog in our care at my dog board and train program. I promise you; your dog will learn to respect and respond to YOU. Because you are his provider, his teacher, his best friend, his leader-NOT the briber-in-chief!


They Make a Soldier Out of Your Poor Dog


I’ve been in this field 25 years now. You know what’s funny? I rarely get calls from people asking me to teach their dogs how to: Sit, Come, Stay, Down or Heel command.


Here is why: You may care about some commands, but there is NO WAY they are your main main concern.  That’s right. You care more about breaking your dog’s annoying bad habits. I’m talking about:


Jumping Up, Biting, Barking, Bolting, Potty training, Stealing Food, Separation Anxiety, Off-Leash Response and Solving Overprotectiveness.


90% of Dog Trainers Waste Your Time Teaching Strictly OBEDIENCE COMMANDS.

When you rarely seek a trainer just for obedience component. Again, I am speaking from over two decades of dealing with thousands of cases.


They Rarely Pick Up or Get Back to You


This is just common courtesy. Of course I cannot and will not answer my phone 2am or while I’m in a lesson, but I welcome you all to give me a try. (You can try to reach me EVEN after business hours 24/7. I mean it. Can’t guarantee I can answer but there is nothing wrong with leaving a message. lol)


The majority of dog boot camp trainers or dog obedience schools rarely pick up their phone or even worse, they will leave you hanging. This is just a sad reality.


I admit. I have been a bit burned out over the years from teaching hundreds of group classes, offering private lessons and of course, these days–mainly house calls and drop off boot camp. But I still love MAKING THAT DIFFERNECE in a dog owner’s life.


I Was Born to Train Dogs and to Help Desperate Dog Owners Like Yourself.


To me, it is more than just paying bills. It is my calling and my passion.


They Swear To Ignore it When Your Dog is Being Annoying


Yes, you read it correctly. Totally ignore when your dog: Jumps up, barks, constantly scratches at doors, whimpers, begs, steals food off counters or whatever that makes you go insane–and wait and WAIIIIIT … until he stops on its own. Only then praise it with kind words. (Eye roll) You can’t make this stuff up. Hahaha…


Tell your kids or the poor guests to turn their backs, cross your arms and look away when the dog keeps on jumping up, clawing them, and putting holes in their clothes or even worse madly humping them.


Hmm… isn’t that the same as not doing Jack?!?! Why then even bother hiring a trainer or taking time off your busy schedule to attend some dog class every wed night at 7pm? Some of these classes are conducted by kids in their twenties. Don’t forget. Experience, experience, experience. Not bribery, clueslessness and frustrations.


Besides, Would Any of YOUR
Bad Habits Vanish
Just Because You Decided to

Ignore Them?

How. Can. Your Dog’s?!?!


I’m also willing to bet the same trainers will advise you to never ever say NO to your dog. Their solution? Instead, say: “Ouch,” “Eh-eh” or even worse, bark, growl or yelp like a puppy. Just imagine you left your dog at my dog boot camp and once you returned, I tell you and your family to bark back at the dog. Sorry. But NO, means NO, means NO!!!


They Ask You to Slam or Hang Your Poor Dog


Look, we all know every dog is different. However, the breeds that need a firmer approach, doesn’t mean that they need their butts kicked.


I always preach: Anybody can bribe or beat a dog. That’s old fashioned training,
which in my opinion is considered abuse.


Please, NO Hitting, Yelling, Hanging or Slamming Your Poor Dog.


Plain and Simple!


Honestly, the only time you need to go to this extreme is to save yourself, a loved one, or another pet from being viciously mauled by some crazy dog.


And never ever let no trainer go crazy on your dog like that. Even in my dog board and train training-


As a Do Lover Myself, I Will Make SURE Your Pooch Has its Spirit and Personality.


That is Very Important to Me. The Goal is to Make Sure You Never (Over-train a Dog). None of You Want a Soldier or a Robot. You Just Want a Polite and Obedient Pet.  


They Aren’t Open Minded with Training Tools


You always hear trainers preach: Never use choke chains, only gentle leaders, no pinch collars in our class, we only use clickers, only shock collars (oh, sorry, e-collar, or remote training collar, is their lingo) and yada yada. Here is the cold hard fact:


NO Training Tool Works Every Time, on Every Dog, with Every Pet Owner and In. Every. Situation.


Please read that sentence again and let it really marinate.


You goal is to make sure you don’t lose your sanity or be forced to get rid of your poor dog. Then that training tool better stop your dog from misbehaving around other dogs, your guests, cats, kids, squirrels or even when your dog is playing keep away.


I educate you about every tool so you are at least aware of different options. Why keep you in the dark?
The proper tool usually works. Right. NOW. That’s right THIS second!”


(Hint: That’s how you’ll know you finally found the proper tool to get your dog’s attention. It will work immediately. It won’t take eight weeks or so. Eight seconds is more like it.)


They Ignore You, Your Dog or Your Progress


This is where you find out about someone’s morals and ethics. Let’s see how responsive are they with questions and concerns AFTER you already paid them or after that credit card transaction goes through.


How About in that Group Class, Were You Ignored Because Your Dog Was Too Much?


No worries. My house calls and doggy boot camp comes with lifetime support and guarantee. Hey, you can count on me to check on your progress. Sadly, there are crooks in every field and dog training isn’t any different. It gives me pride and joy to hear that I’ve made a difference in you and with your dog. 

– Written by Master Zeddicus (The Dog Prodigy) King