– Breaking Bad Habits –

NO More Dog Headache


Zeddicus Can Fix All These:


  •  Jumping Up
  •  Play-biting
  •  Barking
  •  Leash Pulling
  •  Counter Surfing
  •  Not Coming 
  •  Begging For Food
  •  Hyperactivity 
  •  Separation Anxiety
  •  Potty Training Secrets 


PRICE: 395 (Three House Calls)


Keep in Mind if You Want Your Dog to NOT Lose His Cool Around Dogs and Come Back to You When You Call it, or if it Acts Protective w Dogs or Strangers, the Next Plan is What You Need.


WOOF: Your Dog Will NOT Listen Off-Leash or From a Distance w This Plan.

Off Leash Mastery + AGGRRRRRESION

When Your Dog is Cute
But Sometimes… EVIL

You Get Everything from Prev Plan Plus Tackling:


  • Overprotectiveness
  • Charging at People
  • Cujo on Leash
  • Lunging or Snapping
  • Guarding Food / Items
  • Bullying Your 2nd Dog
  • Guarding or Claiming You 
  • Biting -You or Loved Ones 
  • The Bite Broke the Skin 
  • Responding Off Leash 


Six In-Home Lessons – 995


Serious Behavior Modification WITH Topnotch Obedience!!!


Maybe Your Dog isn’t Mean or Anything. You Just Want More Extensive Training….

This is STILL the Right Package!!!


The Name Says It Best!!!


From BOTH Previous Plans.
Whether You Need Help With:


  •  Jumping Up
  •  Play-biting
  •  Barking
  •  Leash Pulling
  •  Listening Off-leash
  •  Protective w Men or Dogs
  •  Lunging at Dogs 
  •  Potty Training
  •  Eyebrow Raising Stay with Off Leash Come Command


You pretty much will have the Dog Prodigy himself on speed dial. He will come to you whenever you need help the most with.


Whether be at your house, around your neighborhood, around new dogs, pet stores, dog parks, kids’ play grounds… pretty anywhere you’re struggling with your dog misbehaving.

It could even at dog beaches, skateboard parks or training around joggers and squirrels.


As Many Lessons As It Takes. Until You AND Your Dog Look and Feel Cool As a Cucumber. For Those of You with Expensive Taste. 😉

PRICE: 3,900 (Comes w That Price Cap.)
Guaranteed Results that LAST LIFETIME!!!

Zeddicus or Kevin? 
When Our Dog Prodigy Moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles, Yelp’s Stupid Rules Didnt Let Him Use His Amazing Reviews Which Go Back 11 Years. 100+ Five Star Yelp Reviews. Click Here to See His Impressive Reviews.

He Also Noticed There is Kevin the Dog Trainer dot com in Los Angeles. So to Avoid Confusion Among Consumers and Search Engines, and NOT to Get the other Kevin’s Hackles Up–Our Dog Prodigy Revinvented Himself as Zeddicus King in LA. Hey, Sounds Much More Unique and Badass than Kevin Anyway. There Are Thousands of Kevins Out There. Only One ZEDDICUS. HAHA