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Watch a Cool Animation on What Makes Zeddicus King Far from Your Average Dog Trainer. You’ll Learn About His Training Method and Specialty. He Comes to Your Home or You Send Your Dog to His Dog Training Camp and Get Him Back Trained-100%. Press Play. Sit Back and Prepare to Be Impressed.

See How Dumb Saying: Eh, Eh-eh or Trying to Mimic a Dog in Pain is the Dumbest Way to Stop Your Dog from Gnawing on You. Zeddicus Will Show You How Your Dog Will Behave and Respond to Just a NO Once You Hire Him. If You Speak English or Even Spanish, Your Dog MUST Respond to NO.

What Most Dog Obedience Classes Don’t Tell You. Here’s Hint: You Can’t Solve: Potty Training, Bein Protective, Leash Reactivity, Whining, Counter Surfing, Bolting Out or Stop Dog Fights in a Group Setting. Press Play to Learn More.

How You All Have Been Brainwashed by Your Dog Trainer, Dog Books, YouTube and Previous Dog Class on What Exactly to Say or Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Listen. Some Funny Stuff that Will Make You Laugh and Mad.

You Will Be Shocked to Learn About the Most Stubborn and Difficult Breed of Dogs Out There. Hear it Straight from a Seasoned Pro. Zeddicus Has Trained NOT Hundreds But Thousands of Breeds and Mixtures. Very Eye-opening Video.

I Really Wish Most of Your Knew the Ugly Truth About Dog Parks. If You Want to Socialize Your Dog Smartly, Do it in a Doggy Daycare Setting. At Our Camp-Run-Mutt Location Here in LAX We Do a Temperament Test with Every. Dog. NO Exception. In Dog Parks Your Guess is As Good As Mine.