Most dog owners are only able to teach their dogs three things:

Sit, Shake or Paw and Roll Over. That’s it. It’s kind of funny. Is any of that truly practical? Even Sit isn’t as important. But a (solid stay) command is. Without working with a real expert, it is very unlikely that you can solve any of these:

* Jumping Up
* Play-biting
* Barking Nonstop
* Dashing Out the Door
* Leash Pulling
* Begging and Whining
* Hyperactivity (As if your dog is on Meth)

And You Definitely Feel Helpless When It Comes To:

* Potty Training
* Separation Anxiety
* Listening Off leash
* Protectiveness Towards Dogs or Your Guests

Don’t feel bad. After all, Zeddicus does this for a living and trains at least 12-15 dogs per week. Face it. Owning bunch of dogs throughout your life STILL doesn’t make you an expert on dog training or canine psychology. So it makes sense to leave it to a seasoned pro.

Where exactly do you remember seeing the best trained dog? Maybe it was in a movie or on You Tube. Did you know that most likely, the very best trained dogs all have been trained by a trainer first?

If you don’t believe this, just think of:

* Attack trained dogs
* Therapy dogs
* Hunting dogs
* Dogs for the blind

Read that list again. If you can train a dog to attack on command, help someone in need on command, hunt on command and even help a blind person with their daily tasks, your dog’s concerns may seem pretty minor, don’t they?

As you might have guessed it by now. Each of these dogs all have been trained by a pro first. The owner came in the picture or (was assigned) to them AFTER the dog graduated from its training.

Let Zeddicus do all the hard work for you and give you back a dog that is trained, polite and one that you can brag about.

It’s like leaving a messy hotel room. When you come back, it’s spotless. All you had to do is walk away. Walk away and let The Dog Prodigy do his magic with your dog.

Why Our Boot Camp?

Unlike others, Mr. King’s send away dog training aka doggie boot camp works and he even gives you a lifetime guarantee and support.

The only time Zeddicus recommends using treats is if your dog is fearful of your, aggressive or you are teaching it cute tricks. That. Is. It.

Be Realistic. It is highly unlikely that your dog is terrified of you, or you are preparing your dog for a TV show to perform bunch of cute tricks.

Look, there is nothing wrong with surprising your dog w yummy treats once in a while, but always do so at the very end of your training session.

Meaning, you made your dog sit a few times, stay a few times, heel or whatever and only then you should reward it with some food. Otherwise, if you give treats before each command, you. are. bribing. What else would you
call it?

Think About it… Do you put in the hours first or you get your check first? NO. You earn your paycheck by working. It’s the same concept if you want to be smart and effective in training your pooch.

Because they focus more on obedience factor. Zeddicus is a problem solver and helps you with serious behavioral issues.

You see, NO dog expert, no matter how experienced he/she may be, can solve every single one of the following issues in a group setting:

* Potty training
* Jumping and Nipping at Your Kids or Guests
* Attacking Any Dog it Sees
* Counter Surfing or Stealing Food
* Bolting Out the Door
* Fence Fighting w the Neighbor’s Dogs
* Guarding Objects or Food from You
* Car Manners
* Begging, Whining, Scratching at Doors
* Chasing Your Cat
* Your Dog Being Protective of YOU

Again, the list above proves that group classes are designed for polishing up on your dog’s obedience. There is huge difference between obedience and behavioral concerns.

Plus, not everyone in your family can make it for 8 weeks in a row. We hear stories a star student in that group class and a nightmare at home.

Not at all. If you need any follow-ups or need brushing up on things, Zeddicus also offers in home dog training in Los Angles or cities near it, for those who paid for dog boarding with training aka puppy or dog boot camp.

Nope. This dog training boot camp is mainly the same as your dog being boarded AND being trained. You sit back and relaxed and get your pooch back completely trained.
Your dog has to be minimum four-month old. All dogs need to be current on:
Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella, H3N2 / H3N8 CIV

We will let Zeddicus (The Dog Prodigy) King explain it to you with his own words in the clip below.

Absolutely. But not Deaf AND Blind. After all, our Zedd is good but NOT God. Lol

Don’t forget. Even a Deaf or Blind dog can learn right from wrong. It’s wrong to constantly nip at your hands and feet, bark, jump up, whine, rough-house, scratch at doors for attention, and can definitely learn to be potty-trained and even obey simple obedience commands. If by any chance Zeddicus is unable to train your dog, he will reach out to you and refund all of your money.

According to Zeddicus, all small dogs for sure. Chihuahua, Doxin, Pomeranian, Miniature Pincher, Boston Terrier or just to name a few. Dog owners tend to spoil small dogs. This is why they often get a pass and have been getting away with murder.
Small breeds bark nonstop, nip at you, lunge, snap, not reliable off leash and are rarely 100% putty trained. Probably the only toy breed that is easy is toy or miniature poodle. Oh, and maybe Maltese and Papillion.

Among big dogs, here are Dog Prodigy’s top list:

Pitbull, Akita, Doberman, Chow, Rottweiler and Bulldogs. Whether you own an American bulldog, English or French, they are all very stubborn and hard to train.

Pitbull’s or Pit Mixes: Sorry but these dogs have a bad reputation for a reason. They are unpredictable with strangers or with dogs. They are true gladiators and most aren’t social let alone fully trained. They attack to kill. Even if you own a Pit mix, you HAVE to make sure that it is far more trained
and polite than people’s kids. Shelters are full of pits and pit mixtures. Sadly, they label them as shepherd or lab mixes so they can be adopted.

Labrador and Golden Retrievers: Yes, both breeds can be very friendly but also super strong, hyper, easily- distracted. These two breeds rarely get protective, but can drag you like a mule on leash and aren’t always reliable
once they find themselves loose. Especially once they spot another person, cat, jogger, dog or when you have company over.

German Shepherds: Ah yesses. Zedd’s favorite breed. A dog of dogs. But they tend to get protective very fast. They start to get weird towards dogs or men. Also very tough and stubborn. So intelligence isn’t always enough. Labradoodles or Goldendoodles: Very cute, smart but stubborn, hyper, easily distracted and love to run around playing keep away with you. The poodle made these dogs highly intelligent which sort of backfired. Because they find ways to outsmart their lovely owners.

Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamutes: Love to pull you and they are escape artists and terrible in coming back to you. This breed is gorgeous but make lousy guard dogs. Once these dogs bolt, don’t even bother going on foot looking for them. Get the car and ask your entire family and neighbors to help you.

Became more popular after people fell in love with the wolves of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, once people realized how much work it is to own and train one a Husky or an Alaskan Malamute, they start dumping them in shelters. Very hyper, noisy and strong dog. They also dig, shed and dump their water because California is too hot for them. If the word terrier comes after the dog, that is one stubborn dog. Any terrier. Pitbull terrier, rat terrier,
boston terrier. If we have to make our 2 nd most hard-t-train dogs it would be hounds.

Please Watch The Clip Below.

90-120 minutes. If you need longer, so be it. Zeddicus will make sure you are totally prepared mentally and possess the proper technique and training tools.

I’m afraid not. This totally confuses your poor dog resulting in him/her not eating, stressing out, barking, whining, howling which all hinder your dog’s training progress in the long haul.

Zeddicus doesn’t rush things. First lesson is usually 90 min to 2 hours long. The rest are anywhere between an hour to an hour and 15 min. Again, Dog Prodigy’s goal are results. He cares about you and your dog’s progress and takes pride in his work.