Welcome to the Future of Dog Training. –“The Diverse Method”

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Let’s face it. It’s not smart or practical to rely on just one way of training as a crutch.


The key to greatness just like anything in life is to Have an Open Mind and be Adaptable. And working with dogs shouldn’t be any different. The reality is NO Training Method or Training Tool is 100% guaranteed to work Every Time, on Every dog, and in ANY Scenario. I really need you to marinate in that fact!


The Diverse Method has been originated from dog training and is perfected by Dog Psychology.

This Means You HAVE TO
Expand Your Thinking!!!


NOT expand to different treat flavors. Folks, waving beef jerky in front of your puppy and calling it a trained dog isn’t going to get you solid obedience. You want your training to work even around dogs, cats, kids, guests or from a distance. You don’t carry a little bag full of treats with you 24/7–nor should you have to.


In a nutshell, the “Diverse Method” is about a careful consideration of your dog’s Age, Size, Energy, Strength, and Speed, while matching it with your OWN Lifestyle, Expectations, Goals, and Mobility.


Also, never forget what was your dog bred for? You can’t deny that. Every dog on the planet was bred for a purpose.

[ps2id id=’zeddicus-king’ target=”/]Zeddicus King’s Biography

Zeddicus (The Dog Prodigy) King

Zeddicus King is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the world of dog training. It is hard to paint his image with the same brush as other experts, as his philosophy and unique way of training makes him very distinct.


He started training and rescuing dogs in need early on when living in Europe, to all the way to SoCal. Ever since he was a kid, Zeddicus has been able to relate and communicate with dogs in a very special way.


You know when you meet a natural. These individuals are rarely taught, but rather born. In over two decades, he has successfully trained thousands of dogs all over the world, earning him the title as, “The Dog Prodigy.”


Regardless of your dog’s age, personality, or history, you’ll find King’s diverse approach to work against tough odds, making him a true pioneer in his field.

Zeddicus is famous for accepting tough cases that the majority of dog schools and dog behaviorists find challenging or even hopeless.


Yes, we are referring to “red zone dogs,” and those already given up on by many trainers, veterinarians and even animal behaviorists. Zeddicus has saved hundreds of these dogs from being re-homed, turn to shelters, or worse, being put down.


He is famous for mixing different methods-to get you guaranteed results that LAST. To reach this level Zeddicus had to test the strengths and weaknesses
of numerous dog training theories.


Mr. King proudly advocates the “Diverse Method”: Combining different techniques in a smart, humane, yet effective way to get better, faster and long-term results.


He is a prominent speaker, whose seminars are guaranteed to take your knowledge and abilities to an entirely new level. He has an uncanny ability to communicate with people and their pets. His lessons are always fun, informative, with his sense of humor as a bonus.

He Thrives on Helping You Become More than Just Your Dog’s Mommy/Daddy. But a Great Teacher.


If you live in SoCal and Want to Get Your Dog Trained Not Just by ANY Dog Trainer by a Dog Prodigy, Give Zeddicus a Try. From Puppy to Adult Dogs, Sweet to Psychos, He Will Come to You or You Can Try His Drop Off Dog Training aka Dog Boot Camp. Doggie Boot Camp Works Becuase You Will Get a Trained Dog Back. You See Many Others Offer Doggy Boot Camp but They Don’t Offer Lifetime Guarantee. Zeddicus Does.

Zeddicus (The Dog Prodigy) King currently operates in Southern California. LAX, Orange County, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Huntingon Beach, and within surrounding of Los Angeles. He Offers House Calls within the Region As Well As His Drop Off Dog Training aka Doggy Boot Camp. This Dog Boarding and Training Has Helped Hundreds of Dog Owners Nationwide.