Many dog owners who seek training for their adult dog or pups in Los Angeles are usually bombarded by pet store clerks on sweet group class deals. The problem with these dog classes is they are usually 8 weeks in a row Wednesday nights at 7 pm or so. You have to commit and bring your family with you or else you can’t or won’t show or explain what you all learned in that dog class.

It gets worse. These dog trainers in la focus the most on obedience factor only Meaning, they rarely can help you with your dog’s: Jumping up, barking, play biting, bolting out your front door, being overprotective, separation anxiety, begging, scratching at doors for attention or counter surfing.

No matter how nice or a professional dog trainer may be, he/she can’t do much with a bunch of dogs all barking, pulling their owners or even charging and lunging at one another.

You will learn far more and of course, pay more with one-on-one but at the end, it will be allll worth it.